Sunday, May 23, 2010

In my mailbox...

This beautiful postcard from Australia with a matching stamp came to me via PostCrossing; it shows the Blue Mountains - spectacular!

This one also came via PostCrossing, all the way from Taiwan, and shows Penghu Inter-Island Bridge - the longest inter-island bridge in the Far East. My first ever piece of post from Taiwan, and pretty impressive that it only took 10 days to arrive from the other side of the world!

And my first PostCrossing card from South America was also via PostCrossing - muchas gracias, Ramiro! There are two really great stamps on the envelope this came in; hopefully the detail comes out here. The bottom one is so cute - two people riding a hair-raising rollercoaster!

And look at this wonderful vintage card showing everything typically Dutch - thanks Linda!

And now for an extremely fun delivery! This came from Karen, a SwapBot swap - Random Envie. The idea was to send your swap partner random items that would fit into a size 10 business envelope, and what fantastic things I got here! Karen sent me some wonderful Halloween stickers, cute recipe cards, pressed pennies and a cute notelet - can you see the cheeky pumpkin stamp on the envelope too? Karen was sweet enough to match her envie to my liking for everything Halloween-y! Of course, I forgot to photograph the envelopes I sent out for this swap, but can only hope they'll be as well-received as Karen's!

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  1. Those are all beautiful cards.

    J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)