Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Postcards for me!

This week has been pretty good so far post-wise so here I am, to share the joy!

These two were both PostCrossing cards. The one at the top is from Portugal, showing women in the fishing village of Nazaré wearing their traditional outfit of seven skirts (representing seven days of the week). The second one shows the Old Post Office in Hartington, Derbyshire - although sadly, the back of the card tells us, the postbox has been removed since the photo was taken and the Post Office is now a private home. The decline of the Post Office continues...

These are just so great I had to share! Purchased from Etsy store PrairiePeasant‏, these envelopes are made from a reclaimed copy of Raymond Briggs' 'The Snowman'. Hopefully the detail is visible as they are just beautiful - I might just have to hoard them!

Next are two cards from SwapBot postcard swaps, the first one a map and pictures from around Indiana, the second showing Hank Greenberg (1911-1986), who played for the Detroit Tigers and is considered one of the best ever right-handed batters. That told me, as my ignorance of baseball is second to none. The third card is from a private swap, and shows Turin at dusk - thanks Anna!

Today's post brought me this wonderful picture of Lviv, in Ukraine (via PostCrossing). I was pretty excited about this, as it's definitely my first post from Ukraine. The next two are SwapBot swaps, the first showing a lovely view of San Francisco's Golden Gate, and the last one with some highly exotic tree frogs. Definitely my friends in high places!

Thanks for reading - and for all the cards (o:

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  1. I honestly believe that we learn something everyday. That story of the 7 skirts is very interesting. Those envelopes that your purchased are really cool and I don't blame you for wanting to hoard them.

    J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)